Hi mga tita! :D Hi fellow fans! Hi BANAs! We are BANAna! :DD

We are covering B1A4 and we would like to represent B1A4, the Filipino BANAs and the Filipino KPOP Fans as a whole at the KPOP Festival In Incheon 2014. And we can only do that with your help. If it’s not much to ask, all you have to do is just click the link below to view our entry. If you loved our cover, you can even hit LIKE or better yet, share it to your friends! :D

Thank you!! :D We will do our best to show to the world what the Filipino K-Pop fans got! :D


I admit that I lost contact with you but I really missed you guys T.T Sorry :( If you still know me, do message me :(

AFTER 13326456345364 YEARS

I opened my tumblr and I missed SJ :(

{FULL LIST} #SMTownSeoul representing countries (flags)



 -Donghae (Australia)

Henry (Canada)

Ryeowook (France)

Amber (Hong Kong)

Chanyeol (Thailand)

Key (United Kingdon)

Tiffany (USA)

Kyuhyun (Vietnam)

Xiumin (Philippines)~!!!!

Sungmin (Poland)

Yuri (Russia)

Sehun (Singapore)

Tao (Spain)

Kai (Indonesia)

Chen (Israel)

Sunny (Italy)

Onew (Japan)

Lay (Malaysia)


Full credits:  

Hyoyeon (Norway)

What’s with SME and Adventure Time? :))

(5) days until yesung's birthday

(5) days until yesung's birthday

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